Out of This World Winners

We are proud to announce the winners of our Out of This World summer reading drawing:

1) Shaun Nickelson – Monkey beach towel and swimming goggles combo

2) Sieanna Ferguson – Grow and Glow Terrarium

3) Ayden Page – Shark Beach Towel and swimming Goggles combo

4) Hudson Gerety – Alligator pool float.

5) Emery Cutright – Water Bottle Rocket Launcher Set

6) Paisley Heinen – Vinegar and Baking Soda Rocket Launcher set

7) Cally Strickler – Unicorn Rainbow Beach towel and swimming goggles combo

8) Xandor Essman – Rubber Duck pool float.

We also would like to announce that we have selected 4 readers that we think best exemplify the summer reading spirit and have read above and beyond the call of our solar system. They are Ryken Guenther, Sam Sitting Up, Lanie Cutright, and Kaycin Williams. These four all will receive a pack of model airplane gliders to recognize how high they soared.
If possible when the winners come in we would like to have their picture taken with their prize to put up on our website and on Facebook!
Thank you Valley Falls and we hope you have a wonderful summer.